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As digitalisation continues to increase, businesses are becoming ever more dependent on their online content, which means the protection of this is vital to the prosperity and overall success of the majority of the corporate landscape.

Therefore, the 2016 Intellectual Property Awards are committed to showcasing the very best firms, and the professionals behind them, that are dedicated to the prevention and prosecution of those who undermine the sanctity of intellectual ownership.

As with all of our awards, every one of our winners can truly rest assured that their recognition was deserved, as we carefully scrutinise everything from a nominee's region to their performance over the past 12 months, their commitment to innovation, their methods and even their competition to ensure that only the most deserving names walk away with one of our prestigious trophies.

Once your win is confirmed we feel you should be able to showcase it to the full. As such we work with all of our nominees and winners to promote their success throughout the hedge fund market and beyond and making sure they gain maximum exposure and really benefit from their win.

In order to make this a true representation of the very best the intellectual property market has to offer, we need your votes. Fill in the form below to make your voice heard.


The 2016 Intellectual Property Awards

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